Steven's Random Scribes

Steven's Random Scribes

What Do I Do if Someone Disagrees With my Methodology?

At work I’m rarely confronted about my methodology while performing an analysis. Sure there are some clarifying questions, sometimes some suggestions on something else to try. I’m never told that my methodology is wrong… until this week. It caught me off guard. We agreed to disagree rather quickly as we were both busy. It did made me think. What should I do when someone disagrees with my methodology?

Are you both asking the same question?

Figure out if you are both to asking the same question. Data analysis is specific to the question you are answering. There’s a difference between “what’s the average car salesmen’s close rate?” and “what’s the average dealership’s close rate?”.

Have you both explained yourselves thoroughly?

Maybe the methodology that you are using has been used in the past unbeknownst to you and failed miserably. Both of you need to thoroughly explain your reasoning.

Does using a different methodology change the conclusion?

There’s no point in arguing if two meteorologist predict rain tomorrow even if they are using two different methods.

Who is responsible for the outcome?

Ultimately someone is responsible for acting (or not acting) on the conclusion. If you can’t come to an agreement the person who’s skin on the line has to win out. Their job will be the one that’s on the line.